🏙ArbiTower is a P2E Game with weekly airdrops to top players and top holders.

All airdrops will be based on the weekly volume of the token.

💸Example: 250K USD in weekly volume. 2% will be split for airdrops(75% to top holders and 25% to top players)

(Would mean that all top 10 holders get 0.22 ETH and all top 10 players ~0.072 ETH)

🪂 Airdrops will be paid out in ArbiETH every monday.

Player rules:

All top players need to hold ATR to qualify for the airdrop


🪙Total supply 5,000,000

💻2% dev/marketing wallet

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦1% reflections

🔄1% Auto LP

🪂2% Airdrop rewards